Pipe products

Electric-welded pipes

Electric-welded pipes (ET) are made from steel sheets. The metal is molded, after which the seam is welded. This technology makes it possible to obtain high-quality electric-welded pipes. The products are used in the construction of pipelines, the arrangement of various technological structures. The range of steel ET is represented by rolled products of large diameter with various cross-sectional shapes: circle, square, rectangle, oval.

Seamless pipes

Seamless pipe-rolling is actively used in construction and occupies a significant part in the supply of steel pipes. In the manufacture of this type of product, metalworking methods such as forging, drawing, rolling, pressing are used. The selected technology determines the type of finished product. We supply seamless pipes:
● Drawn;
● Rolled;
● Forged;
● Pressed.
The production temperature makes it possible to obtain seamless pipe products of various types: cold and hot forming, heat-formed. Products are made in small and large diameter.

Steel pipes

Steel pipes (ST) are products made from high-strength and reliable raw materials. Pipe rolling is made of carbon, low-alloy steel. Products have a different cross-sectional shape: round, oval, square, rectangular and polygonal. A distinctive feature of ST is a large length, which, if necessary, is reduced by cutting. Steel pipes are in demand in many industries. The products are used in construction, food, automotive and aircraft industries in the construction of main pipelines and gas pipelines.

Water and gas pipes (VGP)

The construction of water and gas pipelines is carried out from a separate group of steel pipes marked VGP. Products of this type have increased operational parameters: ultimate strength, durability and reliability. They endure mechanical impacts, are designed for use in conditions of constant exposure to the working environment. VGP pipes are produced with and without galvanization. The first option has anti-corrosion properties, which is reflected in its cost.

Main pipes

A type of steel pipe used in the construction of main pipeline networks. Products are characterized by a large diameter, the external value of which is 250-1420 mm.